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The Reformer Group(RFG) is a partnership created and run by Mike Parker and Charles Tuchel. It was initially started in 2001. The core activity of RFG is investment in businesses which will benefit from the management and strategic skills of the Group. This will be typically due to either the early phase of development of the target business or a need for re-alignment and turnround in established companies.

The group's origin is in the chemical sector,early deals including the purchase,restructuring and subsequent onward sale of the Nobel Explosives Division of ICI PLC. Over the later years there has been increasing diversification into markets as diverse as fire suppressant systems,furniture retail,low carbon emission automotive technology,resource based businesses (including water,gravel,tar sands) in North America,and property.

RFG also took the lead in a successful roll up within the advertising sector,culminating in the sale of the Cicero business.

Whilst the scope of activity has greatly increased,investment preference is still only only given when a contribution from RFG beyond capital itself is required,requested and value adding. The Group no longer engages itself in consultancy or advisory capacities. RFG has an innovative operating model, drawing on established relationships with independent functional experts in areas such as corporate finance, accounting, tax, law, marketing and environmental regulation as and when project needs dictate.